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Embassy digital media kit

it's time to ditch your media kit.

Just by sending your Embassy link, brands can view your photos, bio, stats, and rates, and then actually prepay for your content right then and there.
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empowering creators to win.

how it works

create your profile
Think of this as your media kit— complete with analytics, your rates, your feed, and more— that brands can actually buy from.
Embassy creator profile
share your link

Drop your Embassy link in your bio or Linktree, letting brands know to go here to work with you. If brands reach out via email, you can reply with your link instead of a media kit!

Embassy link in Instagram bio
accept brand requests

The brands who put their money where their mouth is will submit a collaboration request to you from your profile. If you like what you see, accept it and you’ve locked in their paid commitment.

New collaboration requests
chat it up

Once you accept a collab request, the Embassy messenger is unlocked between you and the brand so you can ask questions, clarify details, and build your relationship.

Embassy creator and brand messenger
post + get paid

After you make your sponsored post and map that post to your collaboration in Embassy, you’re paid directly to your Embassy wallet that. very. second.

Wallet instant payment
ready to take control of your personal brand?
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Referral program for creators


passive income
for creators

When you sign up as a creator on Embassy, your Instagram handle becomes a discount code. Anyone who signs up using your code gets 50% off their subscription for life, and we pay you $4 per month for each active subscription.

In other words— post about Embassy a few times, and if 250 people sign up as creators using your code, we’ll pay you $1,000 every month indefinitely.
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